Technology Integration & Implementation and Project Based Learning (PBL) Survey Results

This report details the results of the 2015 survey of teachers and librarians in AISD regarding technology integration and implementation and their awareness or use of Project Based Learning (PBL). Teachers and librarians across all grade levels and content areas were surveyed to learn about their skill levels, hardware and software application usage as well as selected technology infused student activities. A key finding indicates a need to initiate efforts to increase and expand the culture of technological innovation and elevate the knowledge and skills of AISD staff around instructional use of technology in student learning activities. Survey respondents were enthusiastic about learning new ways to integrate technology into instruction and reported a need to improve technology access in hardware and application options for use directly by students (i.e. more classroom sets of iPads or other tablets, additional licenses for software or electronic books). Results of the survey will be used in the district-wide technology integration planning process.