AISD 2013 College and Career Advisor Survey

During the Spring of 2013, all high school college and career advisors in AISD were offered the opportunity to participate in an online survey of the present working conditions, priorities, and challenges of their position in the district. This survey report provides college and career advisors' responses and integrates current research on effective college and career advising practices across the nation. Key findings included: (1) college and career advisors serve larger caseloads than recommended by TEA or the national school counselor professional organizations; (2) college and career advisors perceive their role on campus as separate and distinct from that of the high school counselor and are able to articulate well the responsibilities that define each role; (3) AISD college and career advisors provide students with evidence-based college-linking strategies that are aligned to research-based practices; (4) the two greatest work-related stressors reported by college and career advisors were data-entry demands and responding to students in crisis.