TELL AISD Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey: Results for 2011 through 2016

The Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) AISD Survey gathers information about school conditions from the educators working in schools. TELL obtains perceptions on a variety of issues related to student achievement and staff retention....

Social and Emotional Learning Competency Survey: Relationships with AISD Outcome Measures

This report analyzes construct and predictive validity of an SEL Competency Survey. Students’ SEL skill ratings were correlated with other measures of SEL skills and other outcomes of interest.

Student Learning Objectives: Analysis of Student Growth in 2013-2014 by Type and Source of Assessment

This report examines the practical implications of student learning objective (SLO) assessment decisions for teacher appraisal. We present student-level growth data from SLO assessments administered in 2013–2014. Growth data are compared according...

SAS Educational Value-Added Assessment (EVAAS) Scores for Austin Independent School District, 2015

This report provides an overview of the process used to derive a school’s growth level and summarizes 2015 math and reading/ELA growth levels for all AISD elementary, middle and high schools. Additionally, longitudinal data are provided for each...

Middle School Athletics: A Summary of Academic Outcomes in 2014—2015

This report summarizes the academic outcomes for middle school student athletes and non-athletes in the 2014—2015 school year.

Austin Independent School District Dual Language Rubric Report, 2015

This report summarizes highlights from the Dual Language Program rubric classroom observations conducted in October 2015. Observers rated several aspects of program implementation according to the rubric and provided comments about classroom...

Elementary Dual Language Teachers' Feedback on the Program, January and February 2016

This report summarizes feedback from elementary dual language teachers who participated in focus group discussions in January and February 2016. Teachers gave their opinions about the program components and suggestions for how to improve the program...

Social and Emotional Learning: Key Outcomes, 2010-2011 Through 2014-2015

This report analyzes the effects of the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program on outcomes of interest over time. Data are analyzed based on school longevity in SEL.

Postsecondary Persistence, Graduating Class of 2013

This report summarizes postsecondary enrollment persistence for Austin Independent School District’s (AISD) Class of 2013 graduates and the factors influencing their persistence in college.

Sustaining a System for High-Quality Teachers, Report 2: Market Opportunities and Typical Wages for Austin Independent School District Teachers and Leavers

This report includes two studies that describe the local context for teacher employment decisions. The first examines the local labor market, and the second examines employment for teachers who left Austin Independent School District (AISD).