Excel Through Innovation Evaluation Report 1998-1999 Executive Summary

This report summarizes ExceL Through Innovation (ExceL), a local funding initiative in 1998-1999, created to enhance elementary student achievement through innovative programs designed at the campus level for the specific students served.

Title IV Evaluation Report 1998-1999

Funds from the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994 supported AISD's Title IV program with the goal of enabling schools to supplement local efforts to eliminate violence and the use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol among students.

Title I Evaluation Report 1998-1999

This report summarizes evaluation results for AISD's Title I program activities during 1998-1999.

FEEDBACK Texas State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee Data

This report summarizes employment information and college enrollment for AISD's 1996-1997 senior students.