The Austin Independent School District (AISD) supports high quality research that addresses well-informed research questions of educational importance.

At the same time, the district has moral and legal obligations that require oversight of research activities that make use of district resources such as data, facilities, employee time and access to students.

Contact Information

Jay Brown
External Research Coordinator
Phone (512) 414-9804

Apply for Research

In order to conduct research in AISD, a proposal must be submitted to the External Research Coordinator by the application deadline the semester before the research is to begin. Applications are reviewed by the Department of Research and Evaluation as well as content and area experts at AISD. For complete applications, decisions will be returned to applicants within 8 weeks after the deadline. 


Data collection is restricted to certain time periods. No data collection is allowed on testing days. Be sure to consult the district testing schedule. No active data collection will be approved to take place during the spring semester. New or actively collected data include: surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations, etc. If your research project requires active data collection, please be sure to apply in time to conduct your research in the fall (deadline of June 1st). We will accept applications that request data from existing records in the June or October deadlines.

Requests to survey participants is monitored. Survey fatigue is an ongoing issue. Please consider other options before proposing surveys as part of your study. If you have research questions that can be answered with AISD survey items, we are happy to consider sharing existing data. Please see available district surveys for more information. 

Requests to research health, safety and wellness is limited. Health, mental health, safety, substance use and other wellness measures are important factors related to education. We invite you to look at resources offered by the district and evaluations of current programs. We are happy to consider sharing existing information. Please be advised the district has very limited capacity to support external studies which cover these topics. Questions may be directed to external research.

Requests to research special education and/or content areas may be impacted. Each year AISD experiences changes to staff or settings which may limit research capacity. We currently have several areas which are transitioning to new leaders and/or moving (e.g., a new headquarters require shifts). Please understand some areas may be impacted more than others. For questions, please reach out to external research. 

Community Partners

AISD works to coordinate, align, and expand opportunities for our partners. For partners who wish to evaluate their programs, we offer a variety of plans for data and analysis.

If you are an AISD partner, please submit partnering materials with your evaluation application. These may include: copies of contracts (e.g., contracts, MOUs, cooperative agreements, etc.), existing data sharing agreements and consent forms, and any other information relevant to the evaluation.  

Explore the links in this section to find out more about grants, partnerships, and student support.

Students and Families

Learn more about how AISD maintains compliance with FERPA, PPRA and other regulations regarding students' privacy rights.

Additionally, AISD allows families to opt out of external research. Find out more about this policy here.