Educator Quality and Retention

DRE staff evaluate programs that address issues such as teacher effectiveness, compensation, mentorship, career and professional learning, and retention.

Recent Publications

Novice Teacher Mentoring Program: End-of-Year Mentee Survey Results

This report explores novice teachers' experience in the Novice Teacher Mentoring Program component of the Teacher Induction Program in the 2019–2020 academic year. Results indicated that most novice teachers had a positive experience with their mentoring experience and received the support they needed regarding entering the teaching profession.

Student Teaching Program: Student Teacher and Cooperating Teacher Survey Results

This report describes the results from the Student Teacher Survey and the Cooperating Teacher Survey. Findings indicated most student teachers had a positive experience in the Student Teaching Program. Additionally, most cooperating teachers would recommend their student teacher for employment suggesting the Student Teaching Program can serve as an effective teacher recruitment pipeline for AISD.

National Board Certification: 2018–2019 Evaluation Report

This report examines various outcomes regarding National Board (NB) Certified teachers and their students. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards' NB certification process is rigorous professional development opportunity available to teachers, counselors, and librarians that involve intensive self-reflection of their teaching practices, based on nationally established standards. Obtaining certification indicates accomplished practice in teaching. Findings indicated that NB-certified teachers were more effective than similar non-NB-certified teachers.

Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Perception Survey Results

This report answers questions about teacher and administrator perceptions of Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) program implementation. PPfT is a multi-measure appraisal and compensation system designed to empower teachers and improve the quality of teaching in Austin Independent School District. PPfT is in its third year, and stakeholders were interested in, among other things, teachers' perceptions of new program components like professional learning opportunities and compensation. Perceptions of teachers and administrators are a valuable part of the implementation process.