In addition to conducting planned research and evaluation, DRE staff respond to ad hoc analytic requests, as capacity allows. These requests support the critical needs of a variety of district stakeholders, including district leadership, the board of trustees, and community partners.

Recent Publications

District Enrollment Trends

Student enrollment in AISD has been steadily declining since the 2011–2012 school year. This report summarizes major changes in student enrollment by grade, race/ethnicity, program participation, and changes due to transfers.

PreK-2 Suspension Ban: How are schools adapting?

Principal interviews indicate that more practical professional development opportunities for teachers and more strategic support from licensed professionals would better help schools care for students with trauma-related behavioral needs.

Summary of Austin Independent School District Telecommuting Surveys

Telecommuting is currently used in many industries and is celebrated for fostering job satisfaction and increased productivity. However, telecommuting is not widely practiced in K-12 environments. Two departments in AISD implemented pilot telecommuting programs. This report presents survey results from these pilot implementation models and summarizes the lessons learned to better understand the challenges and best practices of implementation.

School Grief Support Network Initiative: Survey Results, Spring 2017

This report describes results from a survey designed to assess students' emotions and behaviors prior to and following their participation in targeted grief support counseling.