Each year DRE staff conduct campus and district-wide surveys to inform campus staff and district stakeholders about key areas pertinent to them.

Recent Publications

High School Exit Survey (HSES), Executive Summary, Spring 2021

This report provides highlights from the 2021 High School Exit Survey and includes AISD seniors’ reports of college and career preparation activities, perceptions of school experiences, and aspirations for the future.

Gender-Diverse Students' Experiences in AISD

Gender-diverse secondary students (i.e., students in grades 6-11 who identify as transgender, nonbinary, or questioning) continue to report a more challenging school climate than their cisgender peers, according to results from the 2020-2021 AISD Student Climate Survey. This report highlights the largest differences in students' perceptions and includes qualitative responses from gender-diverse students about when they feel welcome or unwelcome at school. Recommendations for strengthening supports for gender-diverse students are discussed.

Student Climate Survey, Spring 2021

The AISD Student Climate Survey measures students' perceptions of school climate across a number of dimensions, including engagement, relationships, safety, personal development skills, and college intentions. Students in grades 3 through 11 are provided with the voluntary opportunity to take the survey every spring, with survey results used by district and campus leaders for planning, goal setting, and decision-making. To view results, click on the link below, then select "Student Climate Survey" from the drop down menu at the top left of the page.

Family Survey: Executive Summary, Spring 2021

This executive summary provides an overview of Family Survey results in Spring 2021. The survey results are used to monitor parents and guardians' attitudes of the campus where their child is enrolled. To view complete results online, click on the Interactive Report link below, then select "Family Survey" from the drop down menu at the top left of the page.