The Department of Research Evaluation (DRE) was established in 1972 to support program decision making and strategic planning in the district. DRE is part of the Office of Accountability and is charged with evaluating federal, state, and locally supported programs in AISD. DRE staff integrate best and innovative evaluation practices with educational and institutional knowledge. DRE staff work with AISD program staff to design and conduct formative and summative program evaluations. Methods for evaluating programs vary depending on the research question, program design, and reporting requirements. The evaluations report objectively about program implementation and outcomes, and serve to inform program staff, decision makers, and planners in the district. DRE also serves AISD by monitoring external research requests.

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Each year, DRE staff develop evaluation plans that identify programs to be evaluated and services to be provided. At the end of each program cycle, DRE staff assist district staff with submitting mandated reports to federal, state, and local funding agencies. Additionally, DRE staff develop narrative reports reviewing district program implementation and outcomes. Program staff incorporate recommendations to improve programs, and district decision makers use findings to make programmatic and budgetary decisions. Evaluation plans can be accessed via the links below.


DRE staff are professional researchers and program evaluators who are well versed in measurement and research methods, including psychometrics, statistics, study design, logic modeling, and survey design. Staff adhere to the guiding principles and standards articulated by the American Evaluation Association.

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