Professional Learning

Professional Learning

The goal of the Office of Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness is to provide ongoing, meaningful professional learning opportunities for AISD staff to engage in critical self-reflection on their interaction with students and their families in a manner that considers the diverse needs of all. 

The Office of Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness serves all Austin ISD campuses and we invite you to engage in professional learning that we offer through the Human Capital Platform. Click on the latest newsletter to the left to learn more about our most current professional learning sessions and to get resources to develop your personal lens toward cultural proficiency & inclusiveness. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletters.

Self-Care Circles for Austin ISD Staff

Through a collaboration of Social Emotional Learning, Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness and the Equity Office, self-care circles provide a place for Austin ISD colleagues to connect and share our stories, so we can make meaning together during this challenging time.

Learn more about our staff self-care circles and register here.

Online Professional Learning Resources: TIER Mental Health Module

The TEA has provided the following materials for teachers and leaders to engage in a free online professional learning opportunity around the restorative practices pathway and the model for Tiered Interventions Using Evidence-Based Research for Mental Health. 

  1. Access the module, presented by Angela M. Ward, PhD
  2. Please print the handout packet.
  3. Have a writing utensil ready to work through your handouts as you watch the video module. 

If helpful, feel free to access a copy of the presenter PowerPoint.