COVID-19 Updates

Austin ISD COVID-19 Updates

We care about the health of our students, staff and families and we want to keep everyone updated on what we’re doing as a district to combat COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This page will be kept up to date with the latest information regarding COVID-19’s effect on Austin ISD.

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Summer School

Elementary and high school summer school registration is now available for June sessions.

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AISD Learning At-Home Website

Austin ISD has developed the Learning At-Home Website, with lessons, hands on material and more in Spanish and English.

Austin ISD in 2020

In the face of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Austin ISD is working every day to provide definitive answers regarding the 2020–21 school year. 

The board of trustees in December approved the 2020–21 school calendar that includes Aug. 18 as the first day of school for students. Given our current context, the district continues to closely monitor reports and information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about COVID-19, and we are in contact regularly with health officials from the city and county. 

The district must create a plan for next school year that prioritizes the health and safety of the AISD community, but that also meets the requirements and guidelines established by the Texas Education Agency and adheres to regulations from state, county and local health and government authorities.

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AISD Re-entry Task Force

Austin ISD organized a Re-entry Task Force made up of teams from throughout the district that lead workgroups of families, community members, teachers, and campus and district-level staff from many departments. The role of the task force is to propose models that ensure staff, students and families are prepared to begin the upcoming school year under a variety of conditions.

Possible Solutions


The task force must explore the uncertainties and possible solutions related to the continued presence of COVID-19:


  • Safety: What if there is a spike in infections and we must return fully to distance learning?
    • How will we continue to ensure the safety of our students, families and staff?
    • How will we continue to ensure that they have the support they need to thrive—academically, physically, socially and emotionally? 
  • Capacity: What if the district must operate schools at less than 100%? Or what if no one is allowed to return to campus and the year must start with distance learning?
  • Timeline: How might we have to revise the school calendar if there is a spike in infections that aligns with the seasonal flu? 

The priority for all models is the health and safety of our students and staff, as well as their families, and all models include the following components:

  • The ability to shift quickly to virtual learning and learning-at-home models, with increased accountability for student engagement.
  • A focus on standards-based curriculum and grading.
  • Continued electronic accessibility for students, staff and families.

The group is also studying other “what-ifs,” such as: What if we need to start the school year earlier or start later, or provide a blended approach that includes in-person and distance learning opportunities.

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Key Considerations

When deciding the best course of action for our AISD community, the task force and its workgroups used several key ideas as the foundations for the models. 

Model Foundations

  • Schools will begin in some way in the 2020–21 academic year.
  • Schools will need modifications for in-person instruction that is based on guidance from health officials and that could include:
    • Physical distancing
    • Temperature screenings for students and staff
    • Masks for staff and for all students 7 and older
    • Frequent disinfecting of classrooms
    • Changes to dropoff and pickup procedures
    • Fewer students in a classroom
  • Accommodations will be needed for teachers, administrators, school staff and students who may be at heightened risk from COVID-19, including expanded accessibility and technology for all stakeholders.

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Share Your Thoughts

The models created by the AISD Re-entry Task Force are a work in progress, and we welcome thoughtful suggestions on the safest way to re-start in-person classes in the fall. We will continue to gather input from families, staff and the community via an online survey and through conversation circles. 

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