Bid Tabulations

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18RFQ116 A/E Norman ES Modernization  - List of Respondents

18RFP112 GAATN Fiber Optic Network Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC) - List of Respondents

18RFP093 Police Record Management System - List of Respondents

18RFQ097 GAATN Legal Services - List of Respondents

18RFP108 Short Term Funding Product - List of Respondents

18IFB103 Installation of Portable Classroom Building - Bid Tabulation

18IFB102 Lease & Purchase of Portable Classroom Building - Bid Tabulation

18RFP094 Demographic Services - List of Respondents

18RFP081 Investment Services - List of Respondents

18RFP042 GAATN Utility Notification Services - List of Respondents

18CMR072 Construction Manager at Risk Services - List of Respondents

18RFQ073 Architecture and Engineering Design Services for Bowie High School Phase 1 of Modernization - List of Respondents

18RFP078 Water Treatment Services - List of Respondents

18RFQ062 Environmental Consulting - List of Respondents 

18RFQ063 Geo-Technical Engineering - List of Respondents

18RFQ064 Land Surveying - List of Respondents

18RFQ066 EWAS, Energy, Water, Sustainability - List of Respondents

18RFQ067 Envelope and Roofing Consultants - List of Respondents

18RFP070 Building Permit Services - List of Respondents

18RFP071 Safety Program Services - List of Respondents

18RFQ060 Full or Phase 1 Modernization Projects - List of Respondents

18RFQ061 Critical Deficiency and Other Projects - Lost of Respondents

18RFQ065 Design-Build Projects:  Brown ES, Govalle ES, Menchaca ES, and Doss ES/Murchison MS - List of Respondents ----- REVISED

18RFQ068 A/E: Blazier ES Relief and New Southwest ES - List of Respondents

18RFP077 Project Management Software - List of Respondents

18RFP083 Wireless Network Upgrades - List of Respondents

18RFP084 Network UPS Upgrades - List of Respondents

18AUC076 Toner & Ink Cartridges (Reverse Auction) - List of Respondents

18AUC076 Toner & Ink Cartridges (Reverse Auction) - Tabulation

18IFB090 Mobile Device Cases - List of Respondents

18CSP091 Desktop and Laptop Computers- List of Respondents

18RFQ098 A/E Services for 2017 Bond Targeted Projects - LIst of Respondents