2020-21 Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) and Educational Suitability Assessment (ESA)

T.A. Brown Professional Learning Space with tables, chairs, printers, paper roles and natural and led lighting.

As part of AISD’s long-range planning to determine the need for potential improvements to campuses, the district is initiating the pilot phase of the 2020-21 Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) and Educational Suitability Assessment (ESA) process. 

Long-range planning overview

The assessments help the district better understand how well school buildings and campuses work for students, teachers, staff, and communities. The district is taking steps to ensure an equitable and inclusive process with guidance from AISD’s draft Equity Framework.

During the pilot phase, the operations team will review a sample set of campuses of different ages and conditions:

  • Summitt, Widén, and Wooten elementary schools 
  • Bedichek and Burnet middle schools
  • Austin High School and Northeast Early College High School and 
  • the Clifton Career Development School

The district will examine how the schools measure when compared to the AISD Education Specifications standards.

Schools in the pilot phase will work closely with a team of architects, engineers, and building experts tasked with tailoring the assessment process to AISD before expanding the review to all schools. The process will include a digital survey, interviews, and site observations.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the pilot assessment, please review the AISD Facility Assessment FAQs.


Questions and comments may be submitted to assessments@perkinswill.com