Facts and Figures

  • Location: 3300 Jones Rd.
    Austin, TX 78745
  • Estimated Cost of Proposed Projects: $433,000  
  • Year Built: 1975
  • Building Area: 19,122 Sq. Ft.
  • Site: 11 Acres

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Saegert Bus Terminal was built in 1975. It has four permanent buildings on 10.6 acres. It includes an administration building, a maintenance building, bus parking and a fueling station. The terminal primarily serves students in south and south-west Austin.

Scope of Work 2017 Bond

  • Districtwide Fire and Intrusion Alarm Upgrades
  • Districtwide Security Camera Replacements 
  • Electrical System Improvements

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Improvements 

  • Technology: Network System Improvements 

Published: Data is from the January 26, 2021, CBOC report. More information can be found here on the CBOC page.

Project Status

  • Schematic Design PhaseSchematic Design Phase

    Critical Repairs - Electrical, HVAC

    • Electrical System Improvements • Heating and Air Conditioning Improvements

    Percent Complete: 95%
    Expected Completion: TBD

  • Complete PhaseComplete Phase

    2013 Bond Contingency Approved

    Roof Improvements to Saegert Bus Shop

  • Complete PhaseComplete Phase

    Replace Paving at Saegert Bus Terminal and Burger Center

    Repair and re-surface selected asphalt paving areas, including all paving work at Saegert Bus Terminal and all work at Burger Athletic Center except for northeast parking lot. Northeast parking lot at Burger was project 140053-BURGR, which is complete.

    Percent Complete: 100%

  • Complete PhaseComplete Phase

    Renovations at Saegert Bus Terminal

    Overhead doors, restroom partitions, replace radiant heating system, 110v receptacles with 110v GFCI, building exhaust fans

    Percent Complete: 100%

Note: Contracts are subject to be rebid; timeline depends on board approval.

Multi Campus Project Status

Bond Financials

School/Facility (per 2017 Bond Book) Bond Book Project Budget* Actuals Commitments Project Balance**
Calculation A B C D F =B-C-D
Saegert Trans Center-Critical Facility Deficiencies $383,000 $331,389 $28,546 $19,829 $283,014
  • Bond Book – Voter approved amount including administrative overhead.
  • Project Budget – Amount approved.
  • Current Budget – Amount approved.
  • Committed – Contracts approved.
  • Expended – Amount actually spent.

2017 Bond Districtwide Financials

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