Document Distribution for Bid Opportunities

AISD has contracted with Miller Blueprint to manage all bid document distribution.

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Notice: The bidding or proposal received for each project include the names of all responsive bidders or offerers whose names were read aloud at the opening of the bids or proposals for the project. Reading aloud a name at the opening of the bids or proposals does not signify that such bid or proposal is considered responsive by Austin ISD. Any bid or proposal determined by Austin ISD to be non-responsive may be rejected.

Past Solicitations
Project Number / Title Bid/ Proposal Received (PDF) Due Date
AISD Project No. 180029-LAMAR (PDF)
Roof Improvements at Lamar MS
Proposal Received (PDF) June, 19, 2018
AISD Project No. 176010-BARNF
Replace failed outside air units at Baranoff ES
Proposal Received (PDF) April 10, 2018
AISD Project No. 160038-BOWIE (PDF)
HVAC & Electrical Renovations at Bowie High School, Replacement of Hydronic Piping in the Crawlspace of Buildings A and B 
Proposal Received (PDF) March 20, 2018 
10:00 A.M.
AISD Project No. 173261-COOK (PDF)
Repair and or replace selected roof areas of Cook Elementary School
Proposal Received (PDF) March 1, 2018
AISD Project No. 170006-BURGER (PDF)
Burger Center Renovations
Proposal Received (PDF) Feb. 22, 2018
AISD Project No. 176006-PLEHL (PDF)
Pleasant Hill Elementary Motor Control 
Proposal Received (PDF) Feb. 6, 2018
AISD Project No. 173263-GROUP (PDF)
Repair and Replacement of Selected Roof Areas at Ridgetop and Reilly Elementary Schools
Proposal Received (PDF) Feb. 6, 2018
AISD Project No. 176005-OHNRY (PDF)
New Gym Lighting at O'Henry Middle School
Proposal Received (PDF) Jan. 31, 2018
AISD Project No. 170002-CAMBP (PDF)
Site Improvements at Campbell Elementary School (Paving and Concrete)
Proposal Received (PDF) Jan. 25, 2018
AISD Project No. 160054-GROUP (PDF)
Fire Suppression at Reagan and Crockett High School MDF Rooms 
Proposal Received (PDF) Jan. 25, 2018
AISD Project No. 170003-DAVIS (PDF)
Renovations at Davis Elementary School
Proposal Received (PDF) Jan. 23, 2018
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