House Bill 5 (HB 5) of the 83rd Texas Legislature Regular Session added Section 39.0545 to the Texas Education Code (TEC). TEC § 39.0545 required that each school district assign ratings of Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, Unacceptable or Not Applicable for the district and for each campus on both overall performance and each of nine factors related to community and student engagement. The nine Factors were: fine arts, wellness and physical education, community and parental involvement, 21st Century Workforce Development programs, second language acquisition programs, digital learning environment, dropout prevention strategies, educational programs for gifted and talented students, and compliance with statutory reporting requirements. A rating label of Yes or No was assigned for Factor 9, compliance with statutory reporting requirements.

The 2013-14 school year served as a baseline year for this process. In January 2015, the DAC re-evaluated the process and recommended that the framework used in 2013-14 remain in place for 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17. Ratings for each AISD campus, as well as an overall district rating, were released on the AISD website on or before August 8th of each year.

House Bill 22 (HB 22) of the 85th Texas Legislature, which became law on June 15, 2017, repealed both TEC § 39.0545 and § 39.0546. As a result, the 2016-17 school year was the last year for Campus Evaluation of Performance in Community and Student Engagement (CaSE).


2016-17 District Summary Report

Criteria used for evaluation/Criterios de evaluación

Development Timeline/Cronología



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