Community Learning Spaces

What Are Community Learning Spaces?

We recognize that during remote learning, many of our families will depend on caring adults to provide supervision and academic support to their student(s) while working.

Austin ISD defines a Community Learning Space as a place in the community where a student’s legal guardian takes the student to receive in-person supervision and access to the digital resources and other learning supports.

Community Learning Spaces are facilitated by community organizations, groups of parents, faith-based organizations, or public entities that provide in-person support to students during times of remote off-campus instruction. You may hear the term “learning pod” to refer to a similar concept; however, we prefer Community Learning Space because it represents the broad spectrum of ways our community has stepped up to support our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Community Learning Spaces are not monitored or managed by Austin ISD staff. 

Looking for a Community Learning Space? 

The following is a list of Community Learning Spaces that the district has been made aware of to be used as a resource. This is not to be considered an exclusive list. Unless otherwise noted, these programs are not AISD run, sponsored or endorsed programs.

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Free and fee-based options:

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Additional Childcare and Partner Programs:

Things for families to consider when selecting a Community Learning Space:

Is your organization hosting a Community Learning Space? Please complete the Interest Form.


AISD Support for Community Learning Spaces

Austin ISD is committed to supporting Community Learning Spaces, as we understand the need to serve our students and families.

  • Resources and learning opportunities: We invite all coordinators and facilitators of Community Learning Spaces to reference our “AISD Community Support,” which highlights AISD resources, technology, and learning supports available for all students and families.
  • Student meals.
  • If there is a topic or resource that is not listed, or you would like to request training on a specific topic, please submit a request through Let’s Talk.

What is a Caregiver?

We are using the term ‘caregiver’ to refer to any caring adult that supports a student’s learning. Caregivers include parents, guardians, childcare providers, community organizations, and any other groups facilitating a Community Learning Space.

Here are the ways Austin ISD will support caregivers:

  • Technology tutorials and videos.
  • Provide support and learning opportunities to all caregivers.
  • Provide access to meals for students participating in Community Learning Spaces.
  • Repair any AISD issued device.

Community Learning Spaces–Partner Lunch & Learn–Sept. 4, 2020