Bond Modernization Project Summary

The 2017 Bond called for a modernization project in the LBJ Vertical Team, the construction of a single, modernized elementary school at the Norman orSims campus site. As advised by a community planning team, one facility will receive students while the other is modernized. The new facility will support 21st-century learning spaces, and offer state-of-the-art technology and community spaces. The estimated cost of the project is $25 million. The future of the other campus will be determined by the board of trustees and the superintendent, with input from the planning team and the community.

Before any work begins on the modernization of one campus, Austin ISD is investing in both schools with technology and safety upgrades. This work is in addition to any that takes places as part of the modernization. The estimated cost of the upgrades is $280,000 for Norman and $213,000 for Sims. View a detailed list of work proposed at each campus (PDF)

Modernization Project Meeting Materials

Note: Spanish interpretation provided.
2/6/18Agenda ENG (2/6/18)  
1/23/18Agenda ENG (1/23/18) Minutes (1/23/18)
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Materials ENG & SPAN (1/9/18)Minutes (1/9/18)

Agenda ENG (12/5/17)

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 Materials ENG & SPAN (12/5/17)Minutes ENG (12/5/17)

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