Bond Modernization Project Summary

The 2017 Bond called for the construction of a single, modernized elementary school at the Norman or Sims campus to support students in the LBJ vertical team. As advised by a community planning team, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees approved a $25 million investment in Norman Elementary School at its regular meeting on March 26, funding the complete modernization of the campus as one of 17 new or modernized campuses across the district. While Norman is being modernized, students from both campuses will co-locate at Sims Elementary. In a commitment to reinventing the urban school experience, the modernized campus will include flexible learning spaces, natural light, outdoor classrooms and new media technologyView a detailed list of work proposed at each campus (PDF)

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Modernization Project Meeting Materials

Note: ESPish interpretation provided.
06/02/18Norman-Sims Community Picnic Letter  
5/3/18Norman-Sims CAT-Kickoff Agenda (5/3/18 ENG)Materials ENG (5/3/18 ENG) 
4/26/18Sims Elementary Open House ENG (4/26/18)
Jornada de purertas abiertas en las primaria Sims ESP (4/26/18)
4/16/18Questions and Answers for CommunityQuestions and Answers (4/16/18)
Prequntas freuentes (4/16/18)
3/26/18Board Agenda ENG (3/26/18)Letter to Norman Community
Letter to Sims Community
3/20/18Agenda ENG (3/20/18)Materials ENG (3/20/18)Minutes ENG 3/20/18
3/6/18Agenda ENG (3/6/18)
Agenda ESP (3/6/18)
Materials ENG (3/6/18)Minutes ENG 3/6/18
3/3/18Community Engagement Agenda ENG (3/3/18)
Agenda de la participación comunitaria ESP (3/3/18)
 3/1/18Community Engagement Agenda ENG (3/1/18)
Agenda de la participación comunitaria ESP (3/1/18)

3/1/18Planning Team Agenda ENG (3/1/18)
Agenda del Equipo de Planificación ESP (3/1/18)
Materials ENG (3/1/18) 
2/27/18Agenda ENG (2/27/18)
Agenda ESP (2/27/18)
Materials ENG (2/27/18)Minutes ENG (2/27/18)
2/13/18Agenda ENG & ESP (2/13/18)Materials ENG & ESP (2/13/18)Minutes ENG (2/13/18)
2/6/18Agenda ENG (2/6/18)Materials ENG (2/6/18)Minutes ENG (2/6/18)
1/23/18Agenda ENG (1/23/18)Materials ENG & ESP (1/23/18)Minutes ENG (1/23/18)

Agenda ENG (1/9/18)
Agenda ESP (1/9/18)

Materials ENG & ESP (1/9/18)Minutes ENG (1/9/18)

Agenda ENG (12/5/17)
Agenda ESP (12/5/17)

 Materials ENG & ESP (12/5/17)Minutes ENG (12/5/17)