Bond Modernization Project Summary 

The 2017 Bond calls for the Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School to move to the current Eastside Memorial ECHS/International High School campus. The Eastside campus will require renovations to modernize the space to receive LASA. Renovations would include improvements to safety and security equipment, electrical, heating and air conditioning, drainage, technology and campus master planning. The estimated cost of renovations is $4 million.

LASA will not move into the current Eastside/International campus until Eastside/International is relocated to the original L.C. Anderson campus. Before any work begins to modernize the Eastside/International campus or move students, Austin ISD is investing in the current LASA campus to benefit current and soon-to-be students. Immediate LASA campus renovations include technology and safety upgrades. This work is in addition to any that takes place as part of the modernization. The estimated cost of the upgrades is $6,380,000. View a detailed list of work proposed at each campus (PDF)

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