Bond Modernization Project Summary

Brooke Elementary School is currently working to increase enrollment through a Target Utilization Plan. TUPs are intended to address a pattern of declining enrollment at schools below 75% utilization. The TUP will be designed to encourage the efficient utilization of school facilities and to address under enrollment in a proactive manner. School and district administration will collaborate with staff, families and community members to incorporate their feedback and perspective into the TUP. The group will create a plan that includes marketing, customer service and space-sharing options, with the goal of increasing enrollment. An enrollment review is tentatively scheduled for October 2019.

Separate from the TUP, Brooke is slated to receive technology and safety upgrades as part of the 2017 Bond. The cost estimate for those upgrades is $251,000. View a detailed list of work proposed at each campus (PDF).

Previously, a Brooke project team had been charged with developing a plan to reassign the school's students to Govalle Elementary School and Linder Elementary School/Uphaus Early Childhood Center, with an option to attend Ortega Elementary School. If Brooke does not see an increase in enrollment through their TUP, or if enrollment continues to decline, the project team may be revived.

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