Board Operations (formerly Board Officers and Board Calendar Committee)

The Board Operations Committee meets the third Wednesday of the month at noon.

Kendall Pace (President)
Paul Saldaña (Vice President)
Julie Cowan (Secretary)

Policy Committee 

The charge of the committee is to review matters related to district policies. 

Edmund T. Gordon (Chair)
Amber Elenz (Vice Chair)
Jayme Mathias
Ann Teich

Board Intergovernmental Relations Committee 

The charge of the committee is to review and engage in matters related to district partnerships with other local, state, & federal governmental entities, and take an active role in representing the district during legislative sessions. 

Julie Cowan (Chair)
Gina Hinojosa (vice Chair)
Ann Teich 

Board Audit Committee 

The charge of the committee is to assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, particularly in the areas of the external and internal audit process, the system of internal controls, and the District’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and the code of conduct. 

Amber Elenz (Chair)
Ann Teich (Vice Chair)
Yasmin Wagner

AISD Board Oversight Committee on Excellence through Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

The charge of the committee is to work with the Administration and community to ensure academic excellence through the pursuit of equity, diversity and inclusion in the areas of policies, programs and operations. 

Paul Saldaña (Chair)
Yasmin Wagner (Vice Chair)
Jayme Mathias
Edmund T. Gordon 

Additional Committees:

Joint Subcommittees

The charge of the committee is to generate policy recommendations that support schools and retain families in Austin.

The Joint Subcommittees meet quarterly, locations alternate among facilities of participating organizations.

Kendall Pace (Co-Chairwoman, there is no Vice Chair because only President of Board or designee is authorized to serve as Chair)
Paul Saldaña 
Gina Hinojosa

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Regional Affordability Committee

The charge of the committee is to provide an expanded opportunity for transparency, public input, and collaboration between taxing jurisdictions and local leaders to improve how we serve to the community.

Paul Saldaña (Vice Chair)
Ann Teich

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City of Austin Planning Commission

The charge of the committee is to make and amend a master plan, recommend approval or disapproval of proposed zoning changes and control land subdivision within neighborhood planning areas and submit, annually, a list of recommended capital improvements. 

Jayme Mathias