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Sept. 10, 2012 Board Work Session

Student Health Advisory Committee Annual Report

Tracy Lunoff, supervisor of comprehensive health services, presented the SHAC's annual report to the Board of Trustees. Ms. Lunoff was accompanied by Garrett Mize, vice-chair of the SHAC, a board-appointed advisory group made up of parents, community members, students and school staff who are working together to develop, promote and support programs to improve the health of AISD's students and families.

Approach to FY 2013-14 Budget Process and Initial Budget Parameters

Superintendent Meria Carstarphen introduced the process of discussing and establishing budget parameters for FY 2013-14.

Before turning the presentation over to Chief Financial Officer Nicole Conley Abram, Dr. Carstarphen explained that, for future budget planning cycles, the administration, with support from funders, is investigating the possibility of addressing the issue of equity in allocating resources. The transition under consideration would be to a student-based allocation methodology, which would move away from allocating funds based on a traditional staffing model to adopting one that decreases per-pupil funding inequities by providing campuses with resources based on the number of students and their differentiated needs. This potential model, Dr. Carstarphen said, would more closely align the budget process with board-approved Strategic Plan requirements, including the district's focus on children, commitment to excellence and pursuit of equity.

Dr. Carstarphen concluded by asking for the board's guidance on the parameters before introducing Ms. Conley Abram, who presented the “Approach to FY 2013-14 Budget Process and Initial Budget Parameters.” She initiated the discussion by proposing revisions to last year’s parameters. Board action is scheduled for the Sept. 24 regular meeting.

Preliminary Scenarios for the Development of the Annual Academic Facilities Recommendations

Dr. Carstarphen initiated the discussion and prioritization of the preliminary AAFRs for implementation during the 2013-14 school year. She asked the board for guidance on the administrative prioritization for the preliminary scenarios for the development of AAFRs and on possible changes to the Facility Master Plan Framework to permit a biannual rather than an annual cycle for AAFRs. The proposed modifications are prompted by the challenge of continued funding constraints and the current need to focus staff capacity on AAFR planning and implementation cycles simultaneously.

Chief Operations Officer Lawrence Fryer described the preliminary AAFRs and the process for their development.

This item is scheduled for action at the Dec. 17 regular Board meeting. Board action may be scheduled on Sept. 24 for any proposed revisions to the FMP Framework.