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Board Briefs: Work Session (Oct. 14)

Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Report on the 2004 and 2008 Bond Programs

The Board of Trustees appointed members of the Community Bond Oversight Committee to ensure that the bond projects remain faithful to the scope of work approved by Austin voters in 2004 and 2008. As part of its charge, the CBOC reports to the board on the progress of the Apple at Work program in April and October. CBOC co-chairs Ashton Cumberbatch and Steve Rogers presented the report.

For the 2013 Bond program, the board is scheduled to approve the charge and appoint members to CBOC at the Oct. 28 regular meeting.

Review of Quarterly Report to Monitor the Implementation of The Plan to Implement the Johns Hopkins Talent Development Secondary and Strengthen Student Achievement for Students Feeding Into Eastside Memorial High School

The board approved a contract with Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, Talent Development Secondary Program as the partnering entity for Eastside Memorial High School in May. Trustees reviewed and approved a plan to implement Johns Hopkins Talent Development Secondary and strengthen student achievement for students feeding into Eastside Memorial High School in June.

Chief Schools Officer Paul Cruz, Associate Superintendent for High Schools Edmund Oropez, Eastside Memorial Principal Bryan Miller, Tara Madden with Talent Development Secondary and CAC representative Trish Clifford presented the first quarterly progress report for the plan. Quarterly reports are scheduled for 2014 board work sessions: Jan. 13, March 17 and June 2.

A stoplight report measuring progress, status and quality of all action items of the plan, along with current student data, was provided to the board. The report will be submitted to the Texas Education Agency commissioner.

School Improvement Plans for Rodriguez Elementary School; Dobie, Garcia, Martin and Pearce Middle Schools; Eastside Memorial High School at the Johnston Campus, Lanier, LBJ and Travis High Schools; Rosedale and Travis County Day School

Under TEA’s 2013 statewide campus ratings, 110 of AISD’s 123 schools met the standard and 55 schools earned academic distinctions. However, 11 AISD schools earned the rating of Improvement Required. For all schools that receive this rating, state law requires the Campus Intervention Team assigned to each school to develop and implement an Improvement Plan, which must be submitted to TEA by Oct. 31. The plan must be approved by the board before it is submitted to TEA.

The plans were developed in collaboration with CITs and school leadership. They were presented to the Campus Advisory Council and school faculty for additional input and posted on the campus website. The plans were completed using a template provided by TEA, and, because of the strict format requirements, do not include all of the work going on at the schools.

Reconstitution Plans for Garcia and Pearce Middle Schools, and LBJ High School – First Draft

In 2013, Garcia and Pearce Middle Schools and LBJ High School also received a rating of Improvement Required. These schools did not meet state performance standards for a second consecutive year. As a result, state law requires that the CIT assigned to each school develop and implement a plan for reconstitution of the school. The draft reconstitution plans were shared with faculty members and CACs and posted on the website of the respective schools. The draft reconstitution plans must be approved by the board and submitted to TEA by Oct. 31.

TEA requires the district to submit updated reconstitution plans in January and June 2014. While the updated plans will be submitted to the board as information items, TEA does not require that the board approve the updated plans. Even if the school meets state performance standards based on Spring 2014 performance results, reconstitution plans will be developed this school year and implemented in during the 2014-15 school year.

Facility Master Plan Next Steps Regarding the Process

The board discussed the next steps in the development of the Facility Master Plan and board oversight of the process. In October and November, four community-wide meetings have been scheduled and will be held in different quadrants of the district to gather community input.