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Board Briefs: Work Session (Nov. 11)

Continuation of Discussion of the Board's Strategic Priorities for the 2014-15 School Year

AISD’s Board of Trustees continued the discussion initiated at the board retreat Oct. 5 about the strategic priorities for the 2014-15 school year.

Review/Discuss Budget Process for FY2014-15: Assumptions and Staffing Formulas CFO Nicole Conley summarized the data and assumptions that will be used to prepare budgeted revenue and expenditure projections for the 2014-15 fiscal year. The recommended budget assumptions include:

  • continuation of the 3 percent salary adjustment that was authorized in FY2012-13, but not the 1.5 percent salary adjustment that was provided in FY2013-14; 
  • a projected decline in student enrollment;
  • a projected increase in taxable values of nearly 6 percent, as estimated by the chief appraiser, which will not increase operating revenue for AISD as it is subject to recapture under state finance laws; and
  • expenditures associated with the opening of the North Central Elementary School (No. 2) and the Performing Arts Center.

There are no proposed changes to the staffing formulas. The board is scheduled to take action on the initial budget assumptions and staffing formulas for FY2014-15 at the regular board meeting Nov. 25.

Briefing on Cost/Use of Portable Classroom Buildings and Potential Strategies for Reduction and/or Elimination

The board discussed options related to the use of portable buildings.