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Board Briefs: Work Session (March 17)

Facility Master Plan Guiding Principles

The district is in the process of developing a Facility Master Plan that will outline the current status and future use of district facilities, guide the development of future capital improvements and support planning for future bond elections. This will be a living document that will allow the district to respond to key issues and board priorities over time. It will expand on the FMP Framework, which the board adopted in November 2011 and amended in February 2013.

Since August 2013, the board has been discussing and finalizing the seven guiding principles for the Facility Master Plan. In recent months, the district and individual Trustees have held community meetings to gather feedback from the public. The board offer guidance to the administration regarding changes or additions to the guiding principles based on feedback from the community or individual reflection.

A final document will be prepared for four community meetings, which will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.:

  • March 25 at Anderson High School
  • March 26 at Eastside Memorial High School
  • April 1 at Akins High School
  • April 2 at Bowie High School

Review of Quarterly Report to Monitor the Implementation of the Plan to Implement the Johns Hopkins Talent Development Secondary and Strengthen Student Achievement for Students Feeding into Eastside Memorial High School

On May 20, 2013, the board approved a contract with Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, Talent Development Secondary Program as the partnering entity for Eastside Memorial High School. The board adopted the Plan to Implement Johns Hopkins Talent Development Secondary and Strengthen Student Achievement for Students Feeding into Eastside Memorial High School, which commits to a system of monitoring implementation.

The board received the third quarterly report, which incorporates progress, status and quality of all action items of the plan along with current Eastside Memorial High School student data. Presenters were:

  • Paul Cruz, chief schools officer;
  • Edmund Oropez, associate superintendent of high schools;
  • Bryan Miller, principal of Eastside Memorial High School;
  • Tara Madden, Johns Hopkins University, Talent Development Secondary;
  • Trish Clifford, Campus Advisory Council at Eastside Memorial High School; and
  • Haley Del Rio, student at Eastside Memorial High School.

The final quarterly report for the 2013–14 school year is scheduled for the board work session June 2.

AISD Special Education Services

At the Feb. 3 Board Dialogue Meeting, the board considered contexts, challenges, outcomes and future considerations related to closing the achievement gap. As part of this review, the board examined Big 8 District Comparisons related to special education completion and college readiness rates. Pauline Dow, chief academic officer, and Bill Caritj, chief performance officer, responded to a series of questions submitted by trustees in response to the discussion Feb. 3. The information generated by this discussion will help clarify board direction on a graduated list of special education targets for the new Strategic Plan.

Possible Renaming of Pearce Middle School

On Dec. 16, 2013, the board approved Pearce Middle School as the site for the Young Women’s Leadership Academy at James E. Pearce Middle School and Garcia Middle School as the site for the Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Gus Garcia Middle School. The board held an initial discussion about the possible renaming of Pearce Middle School, which will house the Young Women’s Leadership Academy. This item is scheduled for additional board discussion and action April 28.