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Board Briefs: Work Session (Feb. 10)

Principal Selection Process and Human Resources GIS Talent Mapping System

Michael Houser, the district’s chief human capital officer, offered a presentation on the method of selecting principals using a custom Web application that provides detailed candidate and current administrator information, as well as student and school data.

Review of District Policy DGB (LOCAL) Employee Rights and Privileges Personnel-Management Relations

AISD has a process for representatives of district administration and employee groups to discuss educational policies and conditions of employment. At monthly meetings of the administration and Education Austin, the consulting agency that represents the interests of employees, information is exchanged and proposals are considered.

Board Policy DGB (LOCAL) states that an impasse may be declared when the superintendent and the lead representative of the employee representative organization determine that all efforts to reach agreement on an issue have been exhausted without a solution. 

Michael Houser informed the board that an impasse issue being addressed is the duration of employment contracts for professional employees. In spring 2011, contracts for professional employees were changed from three-year to one-year contracts. Education Austin proposes returning to three-year employment contracts for professional employees starting in 2014–15. The administration proposes remaining with one-year employment contracts for professional employees. 

Continuation of Discussion of Matters on the Feb. 8 Board Retreat Agenda

The board continued the discussion that was initiated at its retreat Feb. 8. The administration presented a draft timeline for development of the 2016–20 Strategic Plan. The board will discuss the process in detail at its March 3 dialogue meeting. Regarding development of the budget for the 2014–15 school year, the superintendent confirmed the following board guidance from the retreat:

  • The administration asked if a tax rate increase should be assumed in the preliminary budget for the 2014–15 school year, and the board’s answer was no. Based on this guidance, the administration will use current tax rate assumptions in developing the budget for next school year.
  • In response to the question of what compensation assumptions the board wants to build into the preliminary budget, trustees directed the administration to maintain the 3 percent salary adjustment in next year’s budget, but not the one-time 1.5 percent increase that was included in this year’s budget.
  • In response to the question of whether the board wants the administration to begin vetting possible investment tradeoffs with internal and external communities in response to Board Priority No. 5, the response was, “Not at this time.”