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Board Briefs: Work Session and Dialogue Meeting (April 7)

Possible Renaming of Pearce Middle School

On March 6, the district launched the nomination process for the renaming of Pearce Middle School. Nominations were accepted online or by mail until midnight March 20. The district received 178 nominations, which included 71 names. This item is scheduled for board action at the April 28 regular board meeting. The finalists for the new name are:

  1. Liz Carpenter
  2. Martha Cotera
  3. Dawnna Dukes
  4. Bertha Sadler Means
  5. Michelle Obama
  6. Dorothy Orebo

Naming of New North Central Elementary School No. 2

On Feb. 14, the district launched the nomination process for the new North Central Elementary School No. 2. Nominations were accepted online or by mail until midnight March 16. The district received 55 nominations, which included 29 names. This item is scheduled for board action at the April 28 regular board meeting. The seven finalists for the school name are:

  1. Gonzalo Barrientos Jr.
  2. Cesar Chavez
  3. Lucy Duncan
  4. Hobart Gaines
  5. Juan P. Navarro
  6. Jaime D. Padron
  7. Friendly R. Rice

Contingent Review of Draft Request for Proposal for the Possible Need for a Superintendent Search Firm

Trustees discussed logistics and a draft timeline as part of a conversation about a draft request for proposal for the possible need for a superintendent search firm. AISD’s current superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen, is expected to resign to accept the position of superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools.

Consideration of Process and Qualifications for the Possible Appointment of an Interim Superintendent

Trustees discussed the possible need for an interim superintendent and input that has been received regarding such an appointment.

House Bill 5: Campus and District Evaluation of Community and Student Engagement

House Bill 5 requires that by Aug. 8, Texas school districts must evaluate the district and each campus on both overall performance and on each of the following nine factors:

  1. Fine arts
  2. Wellness and physical education
  3. Community and parental involvement
  4. 21st Century Workforce Development program
  5. Second language acquisition program
  6. Digital learning environment
  7. Dropout prevention strategies
  8. Educational programs for gifted and talented students
  9. Record of the district and each campus regarding compliance with statutory reporting requirements

For factors 1 through 8 and for the overall rating, the district must assign ratings of Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, Unacceptable or Not Applicable. A rating of Yes or No must be assigned for Factor 9. The ratings for the district and for each campus are to be reported to the Texas Education Agency by Aug. 8 each year, beginning in 2014.

For AISD, a District Advisory Committee subgroup made up of parents, volunteers, principals, staff and teachers developed the rating criteria. The process included numerous meetings with stakeholders, including principals, content area experts and other Region XIII school districts. Feedback was received through a survey of CAC co-chairs and an online parent survey in March 2014. In addition, suggestions from toolkits developed by the Texas Association of School Administrators, the Texas PTA, and the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance were incorporated into the framework.

On Feb. 18, the DAC voted to accept the recommendations of the subcommittee. While there is no legislative requirement for board approval of the evaluation criteria, the DAC's proposal was presented to the board of trustees for discussion and feedback.