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Board Briefs: Special Meeting and Board Work Session (June 3)

Plan to Implement the Johns Hopkins Talent Development Secondary and Strengthen Student Achievement for Students Feeding into Eastside Memorial High School

The board unanimously approved a plan to strengthen the schools that feed into Eastside Memorial High School. It includes sections on the academic plan, instructional interventions and supports, the framework for vertical team collaboration, parental and community involvement and central office support. The plan is a collaborative effort facilitated with Eastside Memorial Vertical Team staff members and community members, Johns Hopkins as a partner, and Austin Voices. It will be phased in during the next three years at an estimated cost of $5.3 million.

ERS Summary of Analysis and Option(s) in Moving Forward to Address FY2014 Budget Parameter #12, Related to Possible Implementation of a Weighted Student Formula (WSF) Funding System Targeted to Begin in the 2014-15 School Year

During the past seven months, the district has been working with Education Resource Strategies on a multi-phased review of the way district resources are allocated to campuses. The board is scheduled to take action June 17 on whether to move forward with the design phase of the project. Chief Financial Officer Nicole Conley and Jonathan Travers from Education Resource Strategies provided an update on the project.

Presentation of the Revised FY2013-14 Budget

Chief Financial Officer Nicole Conley provided an overview of the FY2014 Revised Budget, which takes into account recent legislative changes to the state's funding system and preliminary appraisal values. At this point in the process, the district is conducting the critical staffing activities associated with this budget so that all will be in place by the start of school in August. Budget adjustments from this point forward are primarily technical as the district must operate with some level of certainty about budget resources so schools can make staffing decisions.

The Revised Budget total general fund revenue is projected at $821.1 million, and projected expenditures are $851.1 million. This represents a net increase of $10.1 million in operating revenue when recaptured is factored, and a net decrease of $5.1 million in expenditures when compared to the FY2014 Preliminary Budget. There are no proposed changes to either the M&O ($1.079/$100) or I&S ($.163/$100) tax rates.

This revised budget was developed based on feedback from the board and from the community, in response to community conversations about the budget April 17 at Bowie High School and April 24 at Summitt Elementary School.

Board Audit Committee Report

Trustee Lori Moya, the board's audit committee chair, presented a draft charge for the recently created committee in a proposed policy, BDB(LOCAL), for trustee discussion. The board is scheduled to take action on the proposed policy at its regular board meeting June 17.