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Board Briefs: Regular Board Meeting (May 20)


The board of trustees recognized outstanding AISD educators, who were honored at Salute May 14:

  • Teacher of the Year: Sarah Dille, Crockett High School
  • Principal of the Year: David Kauffman, Perez Elementary School
  • Assistant Principal of the Year: Yvette Soliz, Williams Elementary School
  • Counselor of the Year: Geoffrey Harter, Anderson High School
  • Librarian of the Year: Sara Stevenson, O. Henry Middle School
  • Classified Personnel of the Year: Amanda Guajardo, Pease Elementary School

Approval of Contract with the Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, Talent Development Secondary Program for Eastside Memorial High School

The Board of Trustees approved a contract between AISD and the Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, Talent Development Secondary Program for Eastside Memorial High School.

Key provisions of the proposed contract include: 

  • Governance and oversight maintained by AISD and the Board of Trustees;
  • The requirement to meet performance standards on a level better than “similar students” at the same grade level configuration on the applicable TEA Accountability System measures, and federal, state and local performance requirements;
  • The ability to terminate the contract without cause or if the campus receives an unacceptable, unfavorable or other negative performance rating;
  • A non-compete clause; indemnification; and
  • Provisions for subcontracting; quarterly meetings and annual reporting requirements.  

The contract includes provisions that the partnership is contingent upon approval by the Texas Commissioner of Education and is subject to the availability of funds.

Student Reassignment Plan for the Contingency Plan for Possible TEA Closure of Eastside Memorial High School

On April 22, the board approved the Eastside Memorial High School Contingency Plan to be implemented in the 2013-14 school year if and only if school be ordered to close by the TEA Commissioner. The contingency plan that the board approved on April 22 was sent to the TEA commissioner April 24. At the May 20 meeting, the board approved one component of the contingency plan for Eastside Memorial High School: the plan to reassign students if and only if the TEA commissioner orders the school closed for the coming year.

The reassignment plan contains three key components:

  • Current 9th graders and rising 9th grade students would be relocated to Travis, Reagan or McCallum (if from Kealing.)
  • Rising 11th and 12th grade students would either be kept together with a temporary (two-year) PEIMS number or another structure that would be provided by the TEA, and housed at Reagan to preserve the current ranking system.
  • International High School would remain in the current location at Eastside Memorial High School. Other available space could house other academic programs.