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Board Briefs: Regular Board Meeting (Dec. 16)


Trustees recognized 55 AISD schools that earned distinction designations from the Texas Education Agency under the 2013 State Accountability System.

Superintendent's SY 2012-13 Evaluation Announcement

As part of the superintendent’s 2012-13 evaluation, the Board of Trustees President Vincent Torres announced that, overall, the board is pleased with the progress that the district has made under the superintendent’s leadership during the past year, praising her strong leadership team, sound resource and financial management, and furtherance of the board’s five district priorities for the 2012-13 school year. Areas of focus for the remainder of the school year include: attention to the new high school graduation requirements and new assessment and accountability systems for all schools, and continuing the momentum of improvement with minority, economically disadvantaged, special education and English-language learner student groups.

Announcement of 2013 Board Continuing Education Credits

The board president reported that all trustees had met or exceeded continuing education requirements for board members established in state law.

2013 State of the District Report

The superintendent shared some of the highlights of the 2013 State of the District, including the district’s performance under the new state accountability system, an increase in graduation rates, and the district’s move away from a culture of testing to one that emphasizes the whole child. The State of the District movie is posted on the district’s website at

Announcement of Schools Frozen to Transfer for SY2014-15

Each year, the district identifies schools that are frozen to transfers because they have, or are expected to have, enrollments that exceed their capacities or to maintain stability in tracking patterns. The superintendent announced that for the 2014-15 school year, these schools will be frozen to transfers:

High schools: Akins, Anderson, Austin, Bowie and McCallum;

Middle schools: Burnet, Gorzycki, Murchison, O. Henry and Paredes; and

Elementary schools: Baldwin, Baranoff, Blazier, Brentwood, Bryker Woods (grade 5), Casey, Casis, Clayton, Doss, Graham, Highland Park, Hill, Kiker, Langford, Lee (grades 3 and 5), Menchaca, Pickle, Rodriguez and Travis Heights.

These schools will be monitored and possibly frozen to transfers:

Middle schools: Bedichek, Dobie, Kealing, Lamar, Martin, Small and Webb; and

Elementary schools: Andrews, Cook, Davis, Gullett, Harris, Hart, Houston, McBee, New North Central Elementary, Odom, Palm, Patton, Perez, Ridgetop, Summitt, Sunset Valley and Wooldridge.

Information on the transfer process may be found on the district website at or by calling the Office of Student Services and Records at 414-1726.

Approval of District Priorities for School Year 14-15

The Board approved the following district priorities for the 2014-15 school year:

  • Develop a plan to implement HB5 mandates to enhance graduation plan endorsements, including Career and Technical Education (CTE) related and other programming.
  • Expand social and emotional initiatives to provide behavioral health supports for all students consistent with our commitment to Whole Child, Every Child.
  • Develop and implement a marketing campaign to improve community understanding of all of the good things that our district offers and build pride and improve satisfaction among AISD's students, teachers, staff and families and increase enrollment.
  • Research and develop professional pathways to recruit, develop, evaluate, compensate, and retain high quality teachers in AISD.
  • Develop multi-faceted solutions to balance the budget and ensure future financial stability by considering both revenue alternatives such as a Tax Ratification Election and expenditure reductions.
  • Implement a district literacy plan to promote academic achievement and graduation rates for all student groups.
  • Implement the Facility Master Plan and jumpstart the May 2013 bond program, pending resolution of the Travis County Taxpayers Union Lawsuit.

Recommended Revisions to Strategic Plan

At the recommendation of the administration, the board approved a modification, from 20 percent to 15 percent, of the target in the district’s strategic plan for reducing the percentage of students not meeting state standards.

HB 5 Graduation Plans

The board amendeddistrict policy EIF (LOCAL) to establish the Distinguished Level of Achievement as the default graduation plan and to require one credit of physical education and one-half credit of health to meet graduation requirements for all plans for the Class of 2018 and thereafter.