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April 16, 2012 Board Work Session

Presentation of FY 2013 Revised Budget and Tax Rate

Chief Financial Officer Nicole Conley-Abram presented the Revised FY 2013 Budget. The proposed changes in the revised budget reflect revisions to certain AAFR spending plans and revenue adjustments mainly associated with a projected increase in the district's count of students in average daily attendance.

In highlighting changes in the Revised Budget, Superintendent Meria Carstarphen pointed to an additional expenditure of $327,000 to support IDEA in-district charter operations. She emphasized that that the revenue to cover these expenses comes from IDEA, rather than district funds. The net effect on AISD finances is zero, she said.

In addition, Dr. Carstarphen highlighted expenditures designed to strengthen the district’s multicultural outreach capabilities, including plans to introduce a Spanish-language radio program and to expand the district’s translation services to cover languages other than Spanish. These investments, she said, are integral to the district’s commitment to communicate with all members of the Austin community and to build partnerships that share responsibility for student success, as expressed through the Board Priorities and the Strategic Plan.

The process of refining and revising the budget will continue through the spring. The public will have more opportunities to learn about and comment on the proposed budget at a community meeting April 17 at Bowie High School and at a public hearing April 23.  The final Recommended FY 2013 Budget will be presented to the Board June 11.

Board Development

State law requires that Board members and the Superintendent participate, as a group, in three hours of teambuilding activities each year. CASEL, which has been certified by TEA as a continuing education provider, led a three-hour presentation that meets the Board teambuilding requirement.