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Students Learn Science With Hot Wheels Cars

Austin ISD, Mattel Children’s Foundation introduce Hot Wheels Speedometry curriculum to fourth-grade science classrooms in 2015-16

Speedometry, a math and science education curriculum co-created by researchers at the Mattel Children's Foundation and the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education, will be introduced to Austin ISD fourth-grade classrooms this fall. 

On June 9, Austin ISD will hold a kickoff event at Sunset Valley Elementary School during AISD's summer science camps. Professors from USC and the executive director of the Mattel Children's Foundation will speak about the curriculum and importance of integrating play into STEM education. 

Teachers from AISD will also speak about implementing the curriculum in the classroom. 

"AISD is very excited to offer the Speedometry lessons from Mattel and USC to all of our students. The Spanish version allows us to offer hands-on, exciting science to our Spanish dual-language students as well as our monolingual classes," Austin ISD Science Administrative Supervisor Charlie Gutierrez said. 

Who: Frederick Freking, Associate Professor of Clinical Education, USC; Robert Goodwin, Executive Director, Mattel Children's Foundation; and Morgan Polikoff, Assistant Professor of Education, USC. 

What: Hands-on science event with students doing activities with Hot Wheels cars and ramps to learn force, motion and energy concepts. Professors and teachers will speak about STEM education. 

When: 10:30 a.m. June 9 

Where: Sunset Valley Elementary School, 3000 Jones Road, 78745 

Background: AISD offers summer science camps for fourth-grade students to help them make gains to meet standards in fifth grade. Fourth-grade students at AISD science camps learn from some of the best science teachers in the district. 

There will be indoor and outdoor activities on kinetic energy, measurement and distance, and presenting data and findings. For more information on the Speedometry curriculum, please visit

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