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State Board of Education Names Fulmore Student Hero

One of 16 recognized in the state

Xander Christou, a seventh-grader at Fulmore Middle School, was one of 16 Texas public school students recognized by the State Board of Education as 2015 Student Heroes. The honorees, awarded for outstanding acts of charity and kindness for their fellow students, were announced May 28. 

Xander was chosen as the Student Hero for SBOE District 10 for spreading his love for books and reading. He began a project, “Hooked on Books,” to give a book to every student at Travis Elementary School. He has partnered with four publishers and started a GoFundMe account to provide books for every grade level at Travis.

To date, Xander has raised more than $1,200 to buy books for the students and encourage them toward a lifelong love of reading.

“The State Board of Education wanted a student program that looked beyond academics and recognized students for their heart,” said Barbara Cargill, chairwoman of the SBOE. “For this inaugural year, the board received more than 150 eligible nominations, and it was heartwarming to hear about so many amazing Texas students who exhibit strong character and integrity by helping other students.”

This inaugural group from all grade levels was recognized for such unselfish acts as raising funds for sick children, gathering donations for low-income students, offering peer tutoring and being a friend to a child in need. School officials, parents and community members nominated students in each board district.

Each SBOE member then selected one recipient for each district. Students were recognized at district events with a certificate recognizing them as a student hero by their SBOE members and local school officials.

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