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Shark Tank-Type Academic Program on Campus

New 21st century classroom unveiled for student entrepreneurs to develop products, businesses and nonprofit organizations

The Crockett student entrepreneurship program is the first of its kind in the nation.
Students partner with Austin entrepreneurs and funders who promote, critique and support them as they create products or businesses by the end of their junior year.
Crockett students will use this 21st-century classroom for academics and to provide them space to develop products, businesses or nonprofit organizations.  
Who: Crockett High School Principal Craig Shapiro, Bazaarvoice Foundation Executive Director Kelly Ballard, AISD District 6 Trustee Paul Saldaña, AISD Chief Officer for Teaching and Learning Edmund Oropez, student entrepreneurs
What: Unveiling of 21st century entrepreneurship classroom
When: 9:30 a.m. Nov. 10
Where: Crockett High School, 5601 Manchaca Road
Background: The Crockett entrepreneurship program is the first K-12 entrepreneurship program in the nation. 
As part of the program, students learn the process of starting a business and the academic skills and thinking required to be an entrepreneur.  
The Bazaarvoice Foundation provided the initial funding to start the Crockett entrepreneurship program.