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MEDIA ADVISORY: From Kindergarten to Graduation: AISD and Bazaarvoice Foundation Create Entrepreneurship Opportunities

This week, Crockett High School, Covington and Bedichek middle schools, Cunningham Elementary School and Bazaarvoice Foundation will announce a partnership. The program develops and implements an entrepreneur program that begins in kindergarten and continues through high school.

When: 10–11:30 a.m. Thursday, April 30

Who: Remarks by Superintendent Paul Cruz

What: This first-in-the-nation K–12 collaborative allows students to open a for-profit business or start a nonprofit organization by their senior year in high school.

Background: The program’s mission, which aligns with an entrepreneurship endorsement, is to give students an opportunity to learn about the business world, effectively communicate and fully develop an idea from inception to market. An Endorsement refers to a college and career pathway in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; business and industry; public service; arts and humanities or multidisciplinary studies.

Students would also meet CEOs of small companies, visit startup companies and learn how to raise capital to start a venture.

According to Public Sector Digest, by 2020 about 40 percent of jobs will require workers to possess entrepreneurial skills, making it imperative to provide students with the means to compete in the global marketplace. To prepare students, schools will create many blended courses. Two advisory boards will help shape the structure and curriculum of this program.

Those interested in being on an advisory board may contact Crockett High School Principal Craig Shapiro at

For more information about Crockett and the program, please visit