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MEDIA ADVISORY: Future ‘Mad Men’: Student’s Design to Promote Green Efforts

AISD’s Sustainability Design Contest winners showcased at City Hall

Winning designs of Austin ISD’s Sustainability Design Contest will be showcased at a celebratory event by EcoRise Youth Innovations and the City of Austin Office of Sustainability. Bowie High School senior Celina Luckevich’s entry was chosen as the winner from 30 submissions.

What: A celebration of Austin ISD’s Sustainability Design Contest winners, with students presenting their work. Fifth- through 12th-grade students and teachers from AISD and other districts will showcase various environmental projects that were funded by the city’s Bright Green Future Grants as well.

Where: Austin City Hall Atrium, 301 W. Second St.

When: 5:30–7:30 p.m. June 2

Background: The winning design will be used in marketing materials promoting the district's sustainability efforts. Luckevich’s design icons represent the seven focus areas of AISD’s sustainability program.

As the winning school, Bowie will receive $500 for the purchase of design supplies or to support a campus environmental improvement project.

The contest provided students with a real-world design exercise, giving them exposure to potential career paths across multiple science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics fields.

Austin High School student Claudia Durand earned second place and $250 for her school. Bowie sophomore Alan Alonso and senior Alberto Huezo were recognized with an honorable mention and earned $100 for their school.

EcoRise Youth Innovations and the city of Austin Office of Sustainability provided the cash prizes as part of the Bright Green Futures grant program.

First Place – Celina Luckevich, Bowie High School (teacher, Gina Cottone)

Second Place – Claudia Durand, Austin High School (teacher, Melanie Sherwood)

Honorable Mention, Creativity – Alan Alonso & Alberto Huezo, Bowie



Alan Varela, Bowie

Alex McBurnett, Bowie

Alex Nanez, Bowie

Angela Li & Gia Poblete, Liberal Arts & Science Academy

Ariana Alford & Charles Tuttle, Bowie

Caleb G., Small Green Tech Academy (teacher, John Beam)

Calli Fleming, Bowie

Diego G. & G.H. & Sky P. & Joseph T., Lamar Middle School (teacher, Anna Wagner)

Dylan G., Small Green Tech Academy

Elian Dominguez & Julio Dominguez, Small Green Tech Academy (teachers, Nate Rosenberg and Fred Tabares)

Emery Burkhalter, Austin High

Gaby Arenas, Bowie

Hailey B., Small Green Tech Academy

J.R. Hallie, Lamar

Jacob L., Small Green Tech Academy

Janessa Lynch & Lauren McDowell, Bowie

John Harris, Bowie

Jonathan Woo, Bowie

Justin De La Rosa & Matt Gallant, Bowie

Mansa Prasad & Jesse Yakerson, Bowie – Entry 1Entry 2

Mariah Key, Bowie

Monica Villafuerte Langford, Bowie

Rex Ellebee & Paxton Gyves, Bowie

Serena Thomason, Bowie

Skyler Silcott, Bowie

Summer Stark & Maya Trevino, Bowie