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Lyndon B. Johnson Early College High School Wins Attendance Challenge for Central Texas

Houston Astro players to congratulate students for home run in regard to attendance

Austin ISD, in partnership with the E3 Alliance and the Get Schooled Foundation, are proud to announce Lyndon B. Johnson Early College High School has won the high school fall attendance challenge for Central Texas. The school placed 13th in the nation.

LBJ will celebrate with a school-wide pep rally and lunch on Thursday, Jan. 22, from 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.  

Houston Astros players Marwin Gonzalez, Chad Qualls and Alan Ashby will celebrate with the students. The school will also accept a prize of $5,000.

The challenge was a friendly, 10-week competition to rally students to improve attendance and stay focused on education. More than 55,000 students participated nationally in the 2014 Fall Attendance Challenge.

“We are so excited and honored by this award,” LBJ Early College High School Principal Sheila Henry said. “Our team has worked very hard to promote a culture of attendance at our school, and we are so proud of how our students have responded. They committed to winning this challenge and they accomplished their goal.”

Get Schooled Foundation sponsored the challenge in districts throughout the country during fall 2014. Partnering with local school districts and organizations such as E3 Alliance, the challenge provided incentives and fun, educational activities that engaged students. The challenge also provided college-planning information and promoting a peer culture that supports attendance improvement and academic success. 

Each year, Central Texas students are absent 2.4 million school days. Each day a student is absent from class costs the district about $38 in lost state revenue. Across Central Texas, schools have been losing more than $91 million a year. To combat this challenge, E3 Alliance spearheaded a regional campaign to improve attendance starting in 2011. Since the start of the campaign, Central Texas schools have saved more than $20 million because of improved attendance.


E3 Alliance (Education Equals Economics), is a regional, data-driven, education collaborative based in Austin. E3 Alliance is leading the effort to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country to drive economic prosperity for Central Texas. E3 Alliance does this by using objective data and focused community collaboration to align the education systems so that all students can succeed. To learn more, visit

Get Schooled is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using media, technology and popular culture to improve high school graduation rates and college success rates. Get Schooled connects with young Americans through its combination of on-air programming, online content, on-the-ground events and school-based initiatives.  To learn more, visit