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Eastside Memorial Conducts Individual Interviews for All Seniors

150 Students and Parents Collaborate with Campus Leaders to Prepare for Life After High School

Austin, Texas—Students and their families will come together with administrators and counselors at Eastside Memorial High School to participate in 30-minute individual meetings to discuss and plan for students’ lives after high school.  This is the first time the school has offered the campus-wide individual meetings to help graduating students as they prepare for their transition into the adult world.

What:  Conversations with seniors and their families about how the school supports each student to complete college applications, make career plans, and progress academically toward meeting graduation requirements.

When:  Media availability from 9 to 11 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 14.

Where: Eastside Memorial High School Library, 1012 Arthurs Stiles Road

Background: The Eastside Memorial meetings provide parents and students with support and guidance to reach goals such as college and career readiness, while ensuring each student is prepared for high school graduation.  This unique approach enables the school to meet the needs of every parent and student during this important transitional time.


The meetings began Wednesday, Dec. 12 and are scheduled to continue through Tuesday, Dec. 18.