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Bowie and Ann Richards Students Lead the Ledes

The AISD Board of Trustees is recognizing 20 journalism students from James Bowie High School and Ann Richards Young Women's Leadership Academy tonight at its regular board meeting.

These students earned ratings of superior, excellence or honorable mention at the 2014 Texas Association of Journalism Educators State Conference.

The awards were for photography, newspaper writing, newspaper layout design, yearbook photography, yearbook design, video commercials and advertising.

Bowie High School

  • Brenda Saucedo, onsite photography, three superiors, one excellence (for four different photos)
  • Jamie Dorsey, onsite photography, excellence and honorable mention
  • Van Anh Van Dinh, onsite writing and layout and design, yearbook copy, superior
  • Sunnie Lee, onsite writing and layout and design, yearbook theme, superior
  • Maryam Hussain, newspaper front page design, excellence
  • Ashlee Thomason, newspaper feature page design, excellence
  • Kaylen Combs, advance yearbook design, superior
  • Jamie Dorsey, yearbook photography, superior
  • Payton McIntyre, yearbook photography, superior
  • Lindsay Winters, video commercial/PSA, superior
  • Corey Hendricks, video commercial/PSA, excellence
  • Lina Barakat, beginning yearbook design, excellence
  • Maddison Felux, advertising, excellence
  • Jamie Dorsey, photo portfolio, honorable mention
  • Isabel Rosales, newspaper photography, honorable mention

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

  • Maria Jaramillo, onsite photography, honorable mention
  • Rewon Shimray, onsite photography, two superiors (for two different photos)
  • Megan Otnes, onsite photography, honorable mention
  • Emma Foster, editorial writing, excellent
  • Augusta Dexheimer, feature writing, superior
  • Courtney Williams, review writing, honorable mention
  • Ciara Jordan, sports feature, honorable mention

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