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Board Briefs: Work Session (Dec.3)

Draft Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations (AAFRs): School for Young Men and Garcia and Pearce Middle Schools Program Design, District 1

Trustees reviewed and discussed two of the six AAFRs currently scheduled for board action Dec. 17.

The administration sought direction on whether the board supports a School for Young Men, and, if so, whether the school should be located in the current Alternative Learning Center, which would be renovated for this purpose. To move forward would require board approval of an administration’s recommendation Dec. 17. Trustees indicated that there was not board interest in action at this time and it is postponed indefinitely.

Regarding Garcia and Pearce Middle Schools Program Design, trustees offered their feedback on the establishment of two single-sex middle schools in a combined attendance area for Garcia and Pearce middle schools. This item was scheduled for board action at the Dec. 17 regular board meeting. Trustees requested that it be postponed until the Jan. 28 regular board meeting so that it can be discussed further prior to action.

Review of the Proposed Use of 2004 and 2008 Bond Contingency Funds

As of Nov. 9, there is a balance of approximately $9.1 million in combined contingency funding from the 2004 and 2008 bond programs: about $3.3 million from 2004 and $5.8 million from 2008. Proposed uses of surplus 2004 and 2008 Bond Program Contingency Funds include 21 critical repairs projects costing an average of $196,000. These repairs would total $4.1 million and would address air conditioning, roofing, electrical and plumbing system deficiencies at campuses across the district, including Campbell, Kocurek, Mathews, Metz, Walnut Creek and Williams elementary schools, Lamar Middle School and Austin High School.

Trustees did not indicate support for using some $3 million in bond contingency funds for initial design and renovation work for a School for Young Men at the ALC site at this time.

The use of 2004 and 2008 bond program contingency funds is scheduled for board action at the Jan. 28 regular board meeting.

Presentation of Superintendent’s Recommendation for North Central Elementary School #1 Attendance Area, Including Proposed Revisions to the Attendance Areas of McBee, Walnut Creek, and Woolridge Elementary Schools

Trustees had no questions or comments about the proposed boundaries.

Review and Discuss the Agreement between the AISD and IDEA Public Schools

Trustees reviewed and discussed the agreement between AISD and IDEA Public Schools. After an extensive review of data about enrollment, academics, student mobility and other data points and topics, the board’s guidance concluded in the following consideration for the administration to review with IDEA to be scheduled for action for Dec. 17 if both parties agree: to amend the agreement to stipulate that IDEA not expand facilities to Eastside Memorial High School.

If the parties cannot agree to amend, then the agreement will still be scheduled for discussion and possible action Dec. 17.