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Board Briefs: Regular Meeting (Feb. 25)

Recognition of 2012-13 Texas Music Education Association All-State Qualifiers

The Board recognized 20 students from AISD high schools who qualified to participate in the Texas Music Education Association Conference in San Antonio.

Presentation of Preliminary FY2014 Budget

Chief Financial Officer Nicole Conley provided an overview of the preliminary budget for FY2014.  A revised budget based on feedback from the board and the public will be presented June 3.  The final Recommended Budget will be presented Aug. 12 and is scheduled for board action Aug. 27.

Historic Property Tax Exemption Program Authorization

Trustees authorized the continuation of AISD’s tax exemption for historic properties for the 2013 tax year. The program for owner-occupied houses provides for a partial exemption of 50 percent of the structure and 25 percent of the land with a cap of $2,000 or 50 percent of the district levy, whichever is greater.  The program further provides for a partial exemption of 25 percent of the structure and 12.5 percent of the land on income-producing properties. There is no exemption cap on income-producing properties.

Adoption of an Order Calling for a 2013 Bond Election

Trustees unanimously approved an order calling for an AISD bond election May 11, 2013.

The total amount of the May 2013 Bond Program will be $892,245,000, and will include the following four propositions:

Proposition 1:              Health, Environment, Equipment and Technology: $140,566,000

Proposition 2:              Safety and Security, Relief from Overcrowded Schools, New Schools and New Construction:


Proposition 3:              Academic and Building Infrastructure Renovations to Safeguard Investments in District

    Campuses: $349,165,000; and

Proposition 4:              Academic Initiatives, Fine Arts, and Athletics: $168,564,000

Approval of the Timeline for Options Regarding the Formulation of a Plan for Eastside Memorial High School and the Eastside Memorial Vertical Team

Trustees approved a timeline for seeking and reviewing Request for Proposals for a new district partner for Eastside Memorial High School, as outlined in the district’s Reconstitution Plan for the school. AISD needs a partner for the implementation of the plan, which is required because Eastside Memorial High School was subject to state sanctions based on state accountability requirements. There was board consensus and understanding that IDEA Public Schools would vacate the current IDEA Allan Elementary School, and that the Allan facility would not have students for the 2013-14 school year.