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Board Adopts Facility Master Plan Framework

Austin, TX—Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees adopted the Facility Master Plan (FMP) framework to enable the district to establish a recurring facilities process to improve the district's academic performance and facilities utilization.

The board will decide on the Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations (AAFRs) for school year 2012-2013 at its Dec. 12 regular board meeting. If the board approves the recommendations in December, the administration would begin planning and implementation for the next school year.

"I am pleased with the board's vote to approve the district's first facility planning framework and process," said Superintendent Meria Carstarphen. "The Facility Master Plan is in the best interest of Austin's children and taxpayers because it provides a clear framework that guides the district's planning process. It also provides the flexibility to allow the district to make adjustments to respond to situations such as changing priorities, population shifts and emergencies."

The FMP framework includes the following three components: 1) a comprehensive, long-term FMP process; 2) annually updated information used to inform the FMP process, including capacity, use and conditions; and 3) Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations. Also included in the FMP framework is an annually updated multi-year view of anticipated, possible major facility and bond program-related activities.

"The Board has made a significant step toward establishing a well-defined facility planning process," said Mark Williams, AISD Board of Trustees President. "The approved framework will support the district's long-term goals and shorter-term Board priorities for each school year, as well as providing the district and community with a clear understanding of the annual planning process."

A public hearing on the preliminary AAFRs will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 28 at the Board Auditorium, in Carruth Administration Center, 1111 West 6th St. The public hearing will be recorded and broadcast live on AISD Channel 22.

The community may learn more information about the FMP process and recommendations by visiting the Facility Master Plan webpage at

For more information, please contact the Department of Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach at 414-2414.