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Blackshear Elementary School 'Minitropolis' Teaches Students to be Responsible Citizens

Project helps students develop real-life skills and experiences through the creation of a miniature fictitious school economy

In the Blackshear Minitropolis, students are producers and consumers and interact with each other to support a mock economy.

The Minitropolis program introduces students to different careers.

What: Students perform jobs at the school, such as banking, human resources, sales and reporting. The experience introduces students to different careers and nurtures the social, academic and real-life skills needed to be successful, responsible citizens. 

It is sponsored by IBC Bank and supported by partnerships with HEB and KVUE.

When: 7:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 21

Where: Blackshear Elementary School, 1712 E. 11th St

For more information, please contact Carlos Urrutia a