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Austin School District Announces Change to Employee Leave Policy

School District officials announced today that as a part of the ongoing need to manage the revenue shortfalls that are causing unwanted cuts to the AISD budget, the District has found it necessary to make changes in leave allocations. The changes, approved on June 20 by the Board of Trustees, are as follows:

Beginning July 1, the local sick leave accrual will be reduced by two days for all employees:

  • For 10-month employees:  Reduced from six days to four days/year.
  • For 11-month employees:  Reduced from seven days to five days/year.
  • For 12-month employees:  Reduced from eight days to six days/year.

Also, hardship leave for employees has been eliminated.

In addition to local sick leave benefits shown above, AISD employees continue to have access to a variety of other leave benefits (with prior approval, as required). Examples of other leave include:

With Full Pay

  • State personal leave: five days/year.
  • Sick leave bank for eligible employees who have enrolled: up to 60 days/year at full pay, 120 days max without re-enrolling.
  • Civic leave.

Partial Pay

  • Extended leave for personal illness: 30, 45 or 60 days of leave/year (depending on years of service).

Full and/or Partial Pay

  • Parenting leave: up to 30 days/year.
  • Adoptive leave: up to 30 days/year.

Without Pay

  • Additional parenting leave: up to one year.
  • Family Medical Leave (FML): up to 12 weeks/year.
  • Temporary disability leave: up to one year.
  • Professional leave: one semester or one year.

Employees who have additional questions, should call the AISD Leave Office:

Administrators/professional employees:  414-2601
 Classified employees:  414-2602