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Austin ISD SAT Scores Exceed State, National Averages

Number of district and state test takers increase, while national participation declines

Austin ISD's average SAT composite score once again exceeded the state and the national averages. The district has beat the state and national averages on both the SAT and ACT since 2013. 
"Our students are making great academic strides and making a great name for our district," AISD Superintendent Paul Cruz said. "Our goal is to have students college-ready, and having more students taking admission tests is another step in the right direction. We're excited to share that we are surpassing the state and national averages on both SAT and ACT tests." 
The district's average SAT composite score of 1498 exceeded the state and the national averages at 1393 and 1484, respectively. 
SAT participation at the district and state level increased, while the number of test-takers decreased nationally from 2014-15 to 2015-16. 
These results follow ACT results earlier this month, showing that AISD students also outperformed state and national test-takers on the ACT while increasing the number of students taking the test. 
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