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Austin ISD Board of Trustees Statement on the Superintendent Search Process

The Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees released the following statement regarding the Superintendent Search:

The Board began the process of seeking a new superintendent for the Austin Independent School District last May. Since then, we have worked with our search consultants at Ray and Associates, who have worked tirelessly to advertise for and recruit candidates based on the profile developed from community input, resulting in the submission of 98 applications. We have listened to the community throughout this entire process.

Ray and Associates brought to the Board candidates who were clearly qualified and able to do the job of Superintendent of Austin ISD. The Board has interviewed these excellent candidates.

During subsequent meetings in the past two weeks, the Board has had extensive discussions regarding the candidates, as well as the significant community support for and performance of Dr. Paul Cruz as Interim Superintendent. The Board consensus at this time is to change the process to allow Dr. Cruz to discuss his interest in the Superintendent position as well. The Board will meet with Dr. Cruz as a possible candidate and give him the opportunity to express his interest in the position, in the coming days. After the board meets with Dr. Cruz, the board will consider all possible candidates. Therefore, the public forum scheduled for December 9 is cancelled.

The steps involved in considering the Interim Superintendent will require the Board to modify its currently-planned schedule and process. Since official Board action was taken to approve the current time line, action will be needed to modify it. Therefore, an item will be posted for the Board meeting on December 8 to officially consider and take action on modifying the timeline.