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AISD Student Scores Exceed State, National Averages on SAT

Students in Austin ISD continue to earn higher overall scores on the SAT compared with their counterparts across the state and nation, according to the College Board.

“Preparing Austin students to graduate college-ready is among our top priorities at AISD,” Superintendent Paul Cruz said. “We continue to surpass the state and national averages and are proud of our students and staff for their continued hard work.”

While both the national and state averages for overall SAT scores decreased, to 1490 and 1410 respectively, the average overall SAT scores for AISD students remained the same at 1507.


AISD, State and National Overall Average SAT Scores, 2006–2015 



Source: College Board Profile Report, 2015

SAT participation by students in the district remained level at 2,793 students, while the number of test-takers at the state and national levels increased from last year. However, AISD participation in another exam, the ACT, increased in 2015—up to 1,601 students from 1,499 in 2012-13.

In reading, math and writing, the average score for AISD students exceeded state and national averages.

In 2014–15, AISD students in each race/ethnicity group had greater average composite scores compared with their peers at the state and national levels.

The SAT is a national exam often used in the college admissions process. Students generally take these exams during their junior or senior year of high school. The SAT is an assessment of critical reading, mathematical reasoning and writing skills. The SAT score range is 200 to 800 points for each subtest. A perfect SAT score is 2400.

To learn more about the 2014-15 SAT results for AISD students, please read the full report online at