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AISD Seventh Graders Honored in Duke University Talent Search

The Austin School District honored 111 seventh grade students recognized by Duke University in its 2011 National Talent Identification Program at a Recognition Reception on Monday, April 25.

The students' selection is based upon scores these students achieved on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT) — tests designed as rigorous college entrance examinations for high school students in eleventh and twelfth grades.

Fifteen Austin seventh graders earned Grand Level Recognition for a SAT Math score of at least 670, Critical Reading score of at least 650, and Writing Score of at least 650; or ACT scores of at least: 28-Math, 28-English, 30-Reading, and 26-Science.

State Level Recognition was awarded to another 96 Austin students who achieved a SAT Math score of at least 520, a Critical Reading score of at least 510, and Writing Score of at least 500; or ACT scores of at least 19 in each subtest — Math, English, Reading, and Science.

Grand Level Recognized students will be invited to the Grand Ceremony to be held May 23 at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. State Level honorees will be invited to attend ceremonies at one of five Texas universities during May and June.

Nationwide, more than 71,000 seventh graders participated in the 2011 Duke University National Talent Identification Program. More information about program is available online at students honored in the 2011 Duke University National Talent Identification Program are:


Grand Level Recognition

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders — Maya Lin Messinger

Fulmore Middle School — Milan Rivas.

Gorzycki Middle School — Sydney Criswell.

Kealing Middle School — Clara Bishop, Mason Clark, Hank Comer, Michael Martinez, Isaac Metcalf, Ethan Russo, Jonathan Sadun, and Jasmine Stone.

Murchison Middle School — Williams Bamberg, Bryson Hill, Rachel Shapiro, and James Talbot. 


State Level Recognition

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders — Guadalupe Castillo, Augusta Dexheimer, Emma Foster, Marilyn Mazac, Georgia Oldham, Kimberly Olea, Alexis Segura, and Cristina Trevino.

Bailey Middle School — Kara Poole.

Burnet Middle School — Helen Onuorah and Krisztina West.

Covington Middle School — Michael Abel.

Gorzycki Middle School — Anna Bowers, Tyrel Brown, Rebecca Churchill, Kaylen Combs, Thomas Crain, Eric Ingersoll, Joo Young Lee, Jack Leese, Trevor Oldham, Renee Perrine, Madison Rowland, and Ann Wang.

Kealing Middle School — Chiara Alvisi, Hunter Bagby, Janae Barner, Christina Beck, Ali Bergeron, Nicholas Blacklock, Meija Caldwell, Claire Cannatti, Rebecca Carmack, Bridget Carolan, Julia Cocco, Ryan Compton, Pia Deshpande, Alexandra Devany, Cara Dewitt, Caleb Ellington, Ifeoma Ezekoye, Clara Fancher, Zoe Fede, Elizabeth Frey, Sweta Ganta, Eli Goyer, Gabriel Hart, Haley Hegefeld, Zion Kim, Jacob Laves, Brandon Lee, Mingyo Lee, Elizabeth Lim, Jack Liu, Hannah Marks, Allyson Martin, Lynnsey Martin, Wilson Nguyen, Carter Pace, Artur Pachachura, Wonjung Park, Sam Pastor, Neil Patil, Emily Pencis, Isaree Pitaktong, Connor Presley, Emery Reed, Teo Rogers, Reece Ryan, Andrew Sauer, Hsin-Chu Shan, Taiga Shirai, Travis Shivers, Sarah Smith, Marisol Sobek, Avishka Suduwa Dewage, Sebastian Tanaka, Josephine Walker, and Addison Walker.

Lamar Middle School — Ellis Archuleta and Chelsea King.

Murchison Middle School — Matthew Armour, Natalie Brennan, Addison Greening, Hae Soo Jeong, Daegun Jung, Christopher McLean, Michael Onuoha, Chelsea Payton, and Grace Schrobilgen.

O. Henry Middle School — Garrett Boes.

Small Middle School — Kyra Hernandez, Nathaniel Ploeger, Chris Rogers, Adam Shindler, and Hannah Willard.