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AISD Partners to Launch Digital Program for Students to Build Positive Relationships

What: An event for students and educators will be held at Martin Middle School on Wednesday, Nov. 16 to discuss the importance of healthy relationships and introduce the “Healthy Foundations” digital program. 

The Healthy Foundations program was developed by Mary Kay in partnership with loveisrespect and EverFi as part of the company’s commitment to ending dating abuse through its Don’t Look Away initiative. The course utilizes evidence-based strategies to educate students on how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during their critical middle school years. Martin Middle School has committed to this curriculum as part of its Social and Emotional Learning initiatives, which help students develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness.

The assembly will feature a panel, including educators from the school and representatives from loveisrespect and Mary Kay, who will discuss healthy relationships, how to communicate and how to resolve conflict. The event will also feature the unveiling of the “Healthy Foundations” mural, developed by middle school students of all three grade levels, depicting their commitment to building healthy relationships. The mural will be made up of three different sub-themes, all unified by the theme of healthy relationships and will be on display at the school following the assembly. 

When:  2– 3:40 p.m. Wednesday,Nov. 16, 2016

Where: Martin Middle School Cafeteria, 1601 Haskell St.

Who: Martin Middle School Principal Monica De La Garza- Conness, Mary Kay Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Kirsten Gappelberg, National Domestic Violence Hotline & loveisrespect CEO Katie Ray-Jones, National Domestic Violence Hotline & loveisrespect Spanish Spokesperson Maribel Bruno