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AISD Invites Community to Inform, Help Shape Long-term District Plans

AUSTIN, Texas--Austin ISD's Office of Facilities will host a community-wide meeting about the purpose of the district's Facility Master Plan from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at LBJ High School cafeteria, 7309 Lazy Creek Drive.

Team members will provide a snapshot of the district's profile and financials and review the board-approved Facility Master Plan's guiding principles.

What is a Facility Master Plan?

The Facility Master Plan outlines the current status and future use of district facilities, guides the development of future capital improvements and supports planning for future bond elections. It is a living document and will be reviewed through a recommended review cycle.

What are the guiding principles?

The District will develop the Facilities Master Plan within a framework of AISD Board-approved guiding principles. They are:

  • Health, safety and security
  • Academics and co-curricular supports
  • Protection of financial investment
  • Optimal utilization (student enrollment, addressing under-enrolled and overcrowded schools)
  • Equity in facilities
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability and
  • Communication and community engagement.

For more information about the guiding principles, upcoming meetings, timeline, board resolution and framework, please visit